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Electromagnetic motion tracking systems work by using a low frequency isotropic magnetic field generator (3D emitter) and one or several isotropic 3D magnetic sensors. Emitter and receiver sides need special 3D magnetic coils to generate and receive the magnetic field signals.

These sensors offered to the AR/VR market include more than six degrees of freedom (6DOF): 3 positions and 3 orientations generated by 3 transmitter coils and 3 receiver coils.Typical operating frequencies range are from a few kHz (even Hz) to several kHz (20-50-60kHz).

Premo's 3DCoils and 3DCoilCube motion tracking magnetic sensors use a 3D emitter antenna that generates an electromagnetic field. The use of low frequency/long wavelength signals allow tracking sensors to be embedded or out of sightline, ideal for any virtual reality controller.

Due to Premo's wide experience in these products, we offer a large portfolio of Tx/Rx electromagnetic tracking sensors, covering all kinds of range, dimensions or performance constraints. From cube to low-profile configurations, and from lower to higher sensitivities, the range of possibilities is very wide.They are entirely customizable and deliverable within 4 weeks. We are equipped to produce over 50 million 3DCoils and 3DCoilCubes per year. 

PREMO Solutions



3DCoilCube (Tx, Rx Coils):

Choosing the right digital hardware in virtual reality and augmented reality systems is one of the most important decisions you will make. Cubic design is the most effective approach to an isotropic magnetic coil emitter or receiver.

Already used in some of the world's most advanced VR/AR devices, the 3DCoilCube has an unmatched precision of 0.001m and can track the smallest, slowest movements for optimum 3D motion tracking.

There are four different cubic formats available, depending on core size: 3DCC08 (3DCoilCube VR Rx antenna 8x8mm), 3DCC10 (3DCoilCube VR Rx antenna 10x10mm), 3DCC20 (3DCoilCube VR Tx antenna 20x20mm), 3DCC28 (3DCoilCube VR Tx antenna 28x28mm)

3DCoil (Rx Coils):

The low profile 3DCoil design achieves electromagnetic sensitivity isotropy by clever design techniques and fine-tuned windings calculations. By using these, the sensor volume required shrinks to SMT PCB mounted components standards (<3.5mm height).

We offer 3 EM Motion Tracking Sensors as standard solutions: 3DV09 (3D VR Rx sensor 9.5×9.5×3.1 mm), 3DV11AOI (3D VR Rx sensor 13×11.6×3.45 mm), 3DV15 (3D VR Rx sensor 17×15.3×3.8 mm).

Custom Solutions:

PREMO biggest competitive advantage is the short time-to-market performance when developing a custom-made solution according to customer specifics.

A wide variety of EM sensors can be designed to meet AR/VR systems requirements. From cube configurations to low-profile configurations, and from lower to higher sensitivities, the range of possibilities is very wide:

• Shapes (i.e. rectangular, quasi-cub, ultralow-profile)
• Inductance: Tx (20μH – 2mH), Rx(300μH – 7mH)
• Operation frequency (3 – 300kHz)
• Standard cables to male/female connector
• FPC connection
• Over-Molded (low pressure molding)

VR Consulting Expert - Amfitech

PREMO has entered a strategic partnership with Amfitech, highly specialized in electromagnetic tracking systems development and customization.

AmfiTrack is an embedded stand-alone, high precision and low cost electromagnetic tracking system based on electromagnetic field (EMF) tracking, using an EMF transmitter and one or more EMF receivers

Our VR/AR EM Trackers are included in AmfiTrack six degrees of freedom (6DOF) 3D tracking system.

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Premo-AmfiTrack in Unity

The Unity ( game engine is one of the most popular and easy-to-start platforms for game development. It includes a full-featured 3D engine with AR and VR support, and a plethora of additional tools and technologies. Games can be made virtually for any platform – PC, web, console or mobile. While several languages are supported, C# is the most common for development. Furthermore, it is easy to download and integrate user-created contents through the Unity Asset store, for fast development or prototyping.

“Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D (RT3D) development platform, giving developers around the world the tools to create rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR, and AR experiences.” -

The Premo-AmfiTrack 6DOF tracking system is ideal for many applications. We are going to describe how it can easily be integrated into the Unity game engine to simplify the development of AR and VR games.

Integration into Unity

The development kit contains the drivers needed to use AmfiTrack. They are written in C++ and there is a C# wrapper as well. For any application, you need at least the C++ driver; however, since we’re focusing on Unity, you need both.

To get started, Unity needs to be aware of the driver. To do this, copy the C++ driver to your unity folder. Now you are ready to create a new Unity project and copy the C# wrapper to it. Now you should be able to use the Amfitrack class, providing you with an event giving you positional and rotational information for each connected sensor. Now you are ready to hook it up to your game.


PREMO Tx/Rx VR Sensors Kit includes a set of Tx & Rx coils. Place the transmitter in gloves, remote controls or in the console and the receiver in the VR glasses. Let the magnetic field do the rest. This unique, wireless, Tx/Rx motion sensing technology leaves no movement undetected.

PREMO AR/VR Demo Kit is an Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System Demo kit. Main benefits are full six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking, high precision, low system components cost, easy installation, and no line-of-sight issue, which as a very notable advantage compared with camera-based tracking systems.  AmfiTrack is an embedded stand-alone, high precision and low cost electromagnetic tracking system based on electromagnetic field (EMF) tracking, using an EMF transmitter and one or more EMF receivers.

Gen 1 Demo Kit

Gen 2 Demo Kit

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