Mild-Hybrid 48V System

Mild-hybrid systems are improving a lot current Start&Stop. Better than just launching the thermal engine at every start, it enables the car to operate like an electrical vehicle up to a 20km/h speed before the thermal engine takes the lead. The topology is based on a starter-generator electrical motor coupled to the train and also to an additional 48V Lithium-ion battery for interim energy storage. The small electrical motor can also boost the engine during a high acceleration phase. On the other hand, it can supply back energy to the battery during regenerating breaking. Based on such a principle, the announced CO2 emission reduction is so interesting (up to -30%) that this system should become a must in any next generation of cars.

Additionally, a 48V/12V DC/DC converter is used to ensure the interoperability with the low-voltage 12V electrical network. Its power is around 2kW and the topology is usually a symmetrical ZVS bridge that switches in the 70-150kHz range.

PREMO Solutions

PREMO offers a wide range of high-quality magnetic components dedicated to automotive DCDC converters. High performances materials are used for the best efficiency, high temperature stability and reinforced insulation:

  • - Input/output CMC and other filtering chokes
  • - Transformer and associated resonant chokes (NPT series)
  • - Output DC filtering chokes (HPC series)
  • - Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection (CS, CM, CSAU series and CS-35A)
  • - Gate drive transformers for transistors control (GDAU series)