PREMO will showcase the latest Power Electronics Innovations next PCIM Europe

From 11th to 13th June, PREMO will attend at PCIM Europe, placed in Nuremberg, Germany to showcase the latest innovations in the field of power electronics. PREMO at PCIM Europe 2024 During 11-13.06 (Nuremberg-Germany), PREMO is delighted to attend at PCIM Europe in Hall 6, Stand 230! This international exhibition and conference for power …  

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10 May, 2024
50kW off board transformer
50KW Off Board Charger Transformer with Embedded LLC Resonant Choke

At the heart of Premo’s innovation lies a compact 50KW Off Board Charger Transformer with LLC Resonant Choke set meticulously engineered to meet the demanding power requirements of modern EVs. Housed within a sleek 300 x 174 x 100 mm aluminum casing, this high-performance transformer boasts remarkable efficiency, delivering power with over …  

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27 June, 2023
5GVEC: un proyecto para impulsar el desarrollo de soluciones 5G para la conducción conectada en España

● El proyecto 5GVEC, liderado por la multinacional DEKRA, cuenta con la colaboración de Ericsson, Tinámica, Tupl, Softcrits, Premo y Top Digital y el apoyo de Innova IRV ● El desarrollo del proyecto supondrá una inversión de más de 4,6 millones de euros. La Fundación Instituto Ricardo Valle de Innovación (Innova IRV) …  

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01 June, 2023
PREMO release cutting-edge inductive couplers for Electric Vehicle Sniffing / CCS listener applications, revolutionizing high-voltage system monitoring. New MICU 300A-S/LF Series.

PREMO, a leading manufacturer of inductive components, has unveiled its latest breakthrough product – the MICU 300A-S/LF series of inductive couplers, designed specifically for electric vehicle sniffing applications. With the rise of electric vehicles on our roads, there is a growing need for reliable and accurate sniffing solutions to monitor the performance …  

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12 April, 2023
new series of Flyback Transformar
PREMO extends the transformer series with FLYT-004 and FLYT-005 products, quasi-resonant mode flybacks specifically designed for on-board chargers.

Flyback transformers are the most popular choice for cost-effective, high-efficiency isolated power converters from one to tens of Watts power size. The new FLYT-004 and FLYT-005 transformers are suitable for onboard EV/PHV AC/DC battery chargers and have quasi-resonant Flyback mode with a switching frequency of 50kHz – 300kHz and a maximum duty …  

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30 March, 2023
3.6 KW LLC set with transformer and resonance inductor
PREMO releases new series BCBM-11KW-004, an 11 KW LLC set with combined transformer and resonance inductor specifically designed for on-board chargers.

On-board chargers are typically integrated into the vehicle’s powertrain and require transformers to convert the AC power from external charging stations or home charging units, into the DC power needed to charge the vehicle’s battery. Premo has developed an efficient triple 3.6 KW LLC (suited for 400V Input) set  with transformer and …  

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21 March, 2023
International Women’s Day at Premo

International Women’s Day is a global day to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is a day that celebrates women’s progress and inspires action toward achieving gender parity. In today’s 2023 International Women’s Day, we’d like to remark on the fight for women’s rights that continues and …  

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08 March, 2023

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