Automotive RFID
Innovative NFC Access Device for door handle

Innovative NFC Access Device for door handle, new method for new necessities Current trends in the vehicle access market. Nowadays, the most widely used technologies in the automotive market for access to the vehicle are RKA and PKE, which require a physical key fob to enter and start the vehicle. However, due …  

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12 July, 2022
2 wheeler applications
PREMO solutions for 2 wheeler applications

Latest trends in 2 wheelers are driving Tier 1 to the use of Keyless Entry System(KES) and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for both ICE and EV markets. Premo, the worldwide technology leader in RFID automotive antenna solutions, offers state-of-the-art designs for these applications. Disclose all PREMO high-quality RFID Components, which are …  

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12 July, 2022
RFID and NFC Components
RFID and NFC components for Automotive Applications

PREMO is global leading supplier of RFID antenna solutions, with state-of-the-art designs for automotive applications, including TPMS, PKE, RPKE, and Immobilizers as well as any wireless emitter/ reception application. We manufacture standard and custom-engineered products for OEM, Tier 1, and aftermarket. Disclose them all in this new brochure.

12 July, 2022
emitter antennas portfolio
Emitter Antennas & Switches Portfolio

In this new Brochure, we disclose PREMO’s emitter antennas available for LF 20, 125 and 134.2 kHz operating frequencies with different inductance/capacitor combinations and appropriate current capability. All the antennas meet the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and IP68 standards due to their specific packaging (rugged plastic box filled with polyurethane foam). …  

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11 July, 2022
Innovative RFID/NFC Components for Automotive

In this new brochure, we disclose the wide range of Innovative RFID Components for the automotive market developed by Premo. Both for hybrid and electric vehicles.

11 July, 2022
PREMO NFC Antenna Solutions

The NFC market is growing rapidly worldwide. Cashless payment is the most popular NFC application but it is increasingly being used in applications such as driver identification, keyless entry, and many more. Discover more about the Premo NFC Antennas solutions.

11 July, 2022
Pushbutton Switches series for Automotive
Pushbutton Switches for Automotive and Harsh Environment

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of RFID components, has announced the Pushbutton Switches series, PB-Sx, with superior electrical, mechanic, and waterproof performances that have been specially designed for vehicle access and other applications in harsh environments. We explain the main considerations of this innovative PB-Sx series at the video below: Premo’s Pushbutton Switches Many …  

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11 October, 2021

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