Smart Grids
Innovative Inductive Couplers products for PLC

PREMO MICU MV INDUCTIVE COUPLERS transmit communication signals between power line and PLC data transceivers. These innovative non-intrusive solutions avoid blackout and grid disconnections during the installation. Its high permeability and high-performance materials avoid saturation problems at high currents, allowing larger distances between PLC communication equipment located at different MV transformer stations. …  

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11 July, 2022
PREMO Blocking Filter Solutions

PREMO Group is introducing a new generation of blocking filters for smart grid applications. The innovative PREMO BF Series allows a proper and more reliable PLC Communication.

11 July, 2022
Inductive Couplers in Power Line Comunication - Video
Inductive Couplers in Power Line Comunication – Video

In the video, we present and explain the extensive MICU devices family which cover a wide frequency range for power line communications (PLC) for SmartGrid applications. This innovation can be used in the development of Electric Vehicle charging stations for communication protocol diagnosis.  > Find more technical information about this family of products …  

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18 February, 2021
Smart Grid Solutions
Power Line Communication Components for Smart Grids Applications – Video

Nowadays energy distribution grids are becoming more complex systems. A reliable and efficient management of these systems involve a deep managing and control of the power grid elements (software and hardware) to allow its balanced and reliable operation. Smart grid definition defines this advanced software and hardware manage of the distribution power …  

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11 February, 2021
New MICU series for non-intrusive inductive coupler in PLC
PREMO launches the MICUs NB and BB series

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of inductive components, announces this extensive MICU devices family to cover a wide frequency range for power line communications in Smart-Grid applications and to use in the development of EV-charging stations for communication protocol diagnosis. The main advantages of these inductive couplers are:        Non-Intrusive (no disconnect cables, …  

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26 November, 2020
Webinar Optimización de redes digitales de contadores
Optimización de redes digitales de contadores – Webinar gratuito

¿Qué aprenderá?   ¿Has tenido en cuenta las diferencias de desplegar contadores inteligentes, junto con la red de telecomunicaciones asociada, de los tradicionales, y los costes resultantes de no hacerlo? ¿Y los grandes beneficios que aporta a la organización una red digital bien desplegada y mantenida de manera óptima? Sabías que en …  

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20 July, 2020
Optimal Smart Metering Digital Networks
Optimal smart metering Digital Networks – Free Webinar

What will you learn?   Have you taken into account the differences betwen deploying smart meters, together with the associated telecommunications network, and traditional meters, and the resulting costs of not doing so? And the substantial benefits that a well-deployed and optimally maintained digital network bring to the organization? Did you know …  

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10 June, 2020

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