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Innovating for 60 years

Our R&D activity is splitted between several locations:

> Malaga (Spain) RFID products developed by our qualified engineers.

> Grenoble (France) PREMO France is the design center of Inductive components (planar technology) and EMI filters.

PREMO Wuxi works close to APAC customers (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) and develops small power products and EMC filter, in June 2009 started to work the R&D center in Tangier (Morocco).

Highly qualified team

The PREMO Group R&D department designs a wide range of inductive components that are used in electronic equipment in many different sectors worldwide. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, PREMO Group has a team of 35 skilled engineers working with the most modern equipment to define the product characteristics and fulfil the most demanding customer requirements with the most cost effective solutions. Premo group is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS16949.


PREMO is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO TS16949.

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Core technologies of PREMO group are:
  • Ultrafine wire windings (up to 12microns).
  • RF antennas development for LF and HF.
  • Current transducer and transformers.
  • BEMC support and filter development.
  • Power product development, special product for automotive and avionics.
  • High power chocke, development and manufacturing.
  • Fully automatization and testing of components for automotive market.
R&D key-force:
  • 8 % staff are qualified R&D engineers
  • 10 % budget in R&D
  • Software tools for FEA (HFSS, FLUX2D) and electronics (PSpice) simulation
  • 3D-mechanical design for plastic and metallic parts with CAD tools (SW)
  • Home-made automated software (Mathcad, Convers) to calculate optimized designs
    according to electrical description of the application.
  • R&D support to quality, sales, production and engineering departments
  • More than 100 new products per year and 2-year catalogue update.
  • Low-frequency three-dimensional antenna (3D-coil)
  • Planar transformers
  • Fluxgate technology for current transducers
  • Planar technology for hybrid vehicles (automotive sector).

R&D Teams have forged good links with local universities (Barcelona, Málaga, Madrid in Spain and Grenoble in France), a source of development ideas and implementation partners.