Smart Grids

Nowadays energy distribution grids are becoming more complex systems. A reliable and efficient management of these systems involve a deep managing and control of the power grid elements (software and hardware) to allow its balanced and reliable operation. Smart grid definition defines this advanced software and hardware manage of the distribution power grid. 

Smart grids means that not only the hardware connection for energy distribution is needed, also smart elements for network management are getting involved in this new paradigm. These elements include elements for load balance, management of generation/consumption peaks, fails and blackout proactive prevention, remote monitoring of consumtion (Automatic Remote Metering), managing and connection of backup energy storages or energy generation stations (renewable energy systems – solar panels, windmills, etc.-) 

In smart grids inductive couplers are playing a big role as it’s transmit the communication signals between powerline and PLC data transceiver without introducing any new wires or cables, being a competitive solution compared with capacitive coupling.