PKE (Passive Keyless Entry System)/
RKE (Remote Entry System)

Passive Keyless Entry system, is a generic term for an automotive technology which allows a driver to lock and unlock a vehicle without using the corresponding keyfob buttons. Once a driver enters a vehicle with an equipped PKE or Keyless Go keyfob (or cardkey), they have the ability to start and stop the engine, without inserting the SmartKey. A transponder antenna built within the keyfob allows the vehicle to identify a driver. The SMD components located in the smart key are required high levels of sensitivity, good temperature stability and robustness against mechanical shocks and drops.

The system works by having a series of LF (low frequency 125 kHz) transmitting antennas both inside and outside the vehicle. The external antennas are located in the door handles, mirrors, or trunk position.

When the vehicle is triggered either by pulling the handle or touching the handle an LF signal is transmitted from the antennas to the key. The key becomes activated if it is sufficiently close and it transmits its ID back to the vehicle via RF (Radio frequency >300 MHz) to a receiver located in the vehicle. If the key has the correct ID the module unlocks the vehicle.

PREMO Solutions

Receiver Antennas

PREMO portfolio of products for PKE/RKE systems includes single axis transponders (SDTR1103, SDTR1103CAP, SDTR1103EM) and 3D antennas with good performance regardless physical device orientation (3DC15, 3DC15CAP, 3DC11LP, 3DC11LPCAP, 3DC09AOI). PREMO also provide combined antennas with standard 3D low frequency transponder (125kHz) and NFC high frequency (13.56MHz) functionalities (2D1D, 4DCOIL).

Emitter Antennas

PKE Systems work by having a series of LF (low frequency, 20kHz, 125kHz & 134kHz) transmitter antennas, depending on chip-set used, both inside and outside the vehicle. External antennas are located in the door hadler, mirrors or trunk position. When vehicle is triggered either, close to vehicle, pulling the hadle or touching it an LF signal is transmitted from the antennas to the Key. Key is activated and transmited its ID back to the vehicle using RF channel, if Key code is correct the electronic module unlock the vehicle.

PREMO's emitter antennas (catalog standard values) are available for LF 20, 125 and 134.2kHz operating frequencies with different inductance/ capacitor combinations and appropriate current capability. All members of the KGEA series (type BFCR, BFCWX, BFCAM, etc.) have been developed using special ferrite (low losses) and capacitors dedicated for high pulse applications (COG and low ESR). The antennas meet the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and IP68 standards due to their specific packaging (rugged plastic box filled with polyurethane foam). As standard version these antennas are delivered without connector. If requested by the customer, a connector can be added during production according to the customer's specification (waterproof or non-waterproof).

PREMO is developing customized antennas using different types of technologies over-molding low pressure and high pressure depending on the mechanical requirements and waterproof IP degree required by the customer.

For Door Handle Antennas, we also have the ability to integrate in a unique connector (6ways), the Antenna LF + Switch + LED as a single whole.

PREMO also offers the possibility of integrating the connector into the antenna by fully over-molding by method of high pressure or external housing integrated connector with filled with Polyurethane Plastic.