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PREMO History


In 1962 PREMO, S.A. was founded as a company to develop and manufacture TV sets and the inductive components needed for them. Eight years later however, PREMO abandoned the production of TV sets and specialized steadily into what was going to be the core business of the whole group: export oriented inductive components development and manufacturing. PREMO’s first foreign sales office was established in 1982 in France.


As from 1981 PREMO was split into various spin-off companies, all specialized in a different segment of the inductive components sector. The following companies were formed:

  • Predan, S.A. (Málaga, 1989: RFID Components)
  • Nuctor, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat - Barcelona, 1989)
  • Powertransfo, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat - Barcelona, 1991: power transformers and systems)
  • Prefilter, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat - Barcelona, 1991: RFI powerline filters).
  • A new milestone was reached when a new large R&D and manufacturing plant was opened in 1995 in the Andalusia
  • Technological Park (Málaga, Spain) for RFID components. Under the Predan brand name, RFID component sales experimented a true boom, becoming the leading product in sales of the PREMO Group.

In 1999 overseas expansion started with the establishment of sales offices in the United States. At this moment the PREMO Group is represented in six states by three commercial organizations.


However, it was not before 2001 that the PREMO Group could call itself a true multinational company. A long cherished wish came than into fulfillment with the festive opening of a new manufacturing plant in Wuxi, a town near Shanghai in China. It is now by far the largest manufacturing plant of the PREMO Group, with 300 employees among whom 20 R&D engineers. The bulk of PREMO products are now produced in this plant in China.

Together with the opening of the China plant it was felt that the different companies forming part of the PREMO Group should market and sell their products under one and the same brand name, though organically and management wise they would stay independent. By virtue of this desire, a new corporate image was developed with a modern version of the PREMO logo and taking the red from the original PREMO, S.A. colours.


In 2004, PREMO Group added a new range of products to its catalogue: PLC Products. They consist of inductors, transformers, control instruments and other devices especially meant for data transmission through the public electricity network. This is a very promising business as telecom costs may come down considerably, as well as transmission speed increases massively if one can avoid traditional telecom networks. PLC products developement and manufacturing will be located in the Málaga plant.


PREMO open a new plant in Wuxi (China).


In 2006 new manufaturing plant was open in Tanger.


PREMO closed first Wuxi Plant and first Tangier Plant to open a new and larger plant in Tangier. PREMO open a new R&D Center in Grenoble (France) and Bangalore (India). A back office in Tokio was opened.


PREMO signed Toyota TE Japan Partnership.


Premo Alwox partnership (Korea).


Open PREMO Korea.


Foundation of PREMO Vietnam and a opening of a new R&D Center in Málaga.


Foundation of PREMO USA (Yorba Linda, California). Introduction of AR/VR EM Tracking Sensors and Amfitech partnership


Foundation of New PREMO Tangier Plant


Foundation of New PREMO Germany Office, Fürth.