Webinar: Advanced and optimized critical magnetics set for DCDC converters
Advanced and optimized critical magnetics set for DCDC converters

What will you learn? Magnetic components represent a significant part of the size and cost of high frequency DCDC converters. The trend is for power electronics engineers to use new semiconductors technologies that enables higher operating frequencies, that enable the reduction of size of inductive components and converters. PREMO, as designer and …  

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02 December, 2021
Webinar: Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)
Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)

What will you learn? Electrical, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles use high voltage networks. They must be connected to the 110 or 230Vac 50/60Hz mains through a charging station or an in-home adaptative box to refill the batteries in energy. Moreover, the output voltage range of the battery pack is around 400Vdc …  

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13 October, 2021
Wireless Power Transfer for EV & Autonomous Vehicles

What will you learn?   In the field of wireless charging of electric vehicles, new innovations and technologies are succeeding each other. One of these innovations is the development of a new flexible and robust magnetic core for wireless charging of electric vehicles. Each pad has multiple built-in high performance components, such …  

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02 October, 2021
Webinar: Motion Tracking Magnetics Sensors
Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensors – Free Conference

What will you learn? AR/VR innovative systems and motion tracking applications requires smart choice in terms of sensor selection (also emitter antenna selection). Premo Group has developed a wide range of emitter antennas and 3D magnetic sensors covering different system requirements. Some topics we will talk about: Tracking Systems Technologies Electromagnetic Tracking …  

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03 July, 2021
Graphene Based Power Magnetics: a New Material for Improved Performance

What will you learn?   In 2019, Premo Group has developed a new material for power windings. The new power magnetics created with this material got increased performance compared with standard ones. Graphene is the key element used in this new innovation. By applying CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) of carbon molecules over …  

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06 May, 2021
How to Increase Power Density and Reliability in Power Converters

What will you learn?   Main challenge today in power electronics (industrial, hybrid & electric vehicles) is to manage more and more high power (OBC/DCDC converters) today and in the next future in the smallest possible space, without compromising system reliability. This challenge raises two important issues to be solved:   HOW …  

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02 March, 2021

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