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L (mH)Q MinLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Freq. (kHz)SRF (kHz) MinDCR (Ω) MaxSensitivity (mVpp/App/m) MinTolerance
400.405.12.32.412500.60.66± 5%
1400.485.12.32.41902.901.18± 5%
1700.515.12.32.417503.201.38± 5%
400.± 5%
26019.01.52.01901.21.80± 5%
3500.910.51.42.01501.502.30± 5%
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Telecoil Definition

What is a telecoil? A Telecoil is defined as a tiny RFID receiver antenna, which receives magnetic information.

Telecoils have multiples turns of copper wire wrapped around a magnetic core. The telecoil provides high sensitivity in a very low frequency range by using more than 10,000 wraps of copper wire. This means that the diameter of the copper wire used must be in the range of 12 to 20 micron, which is approximatley the diameter of a human hair.

Telecoils in Hearing Aids

Due to its miniature size, the telecoil is mostly used in hearing aid system where the receiver is situated within the hearing aid.

How does a telecoil work for hearing aid? The telecoil is a small receiver transponder placed inside the hearing aids that detects and converts magnetic energy from the hearing aid “loop system” into electrical energy, similar to the way a microphone converts acoustic energy into electrical energy. Then the telecoil converts the signal collected from the loop system into a sound signal that you hear.

Using a hearing aid with a Telecoil and Loop System you can get amplified sounds delivered directly into your hearing aids. So, no matter where you are in the church, classroom, or theater, you automatically have the best seat in the house.

Buy Telecoils Online

Premo’s 60 year history, knowledge, and commitment to electromagnetic devices makes us a worldwide leader in RFID antennas developed for a wide variety of specialized applications.

Our wide range of telecoils are state-of-the-art and fully customizable. You can buy PREMO telecoils quickly, easily and securely through our website.

Let’s review some of our catalogue Telecoils:


Receiver Transformers for Telecoil Developed by Premo

  • - TC0502 series: SMD Telecoil 5.1x2.3x2.6mm. This is our latest series of telecoil with a very stable and high-quality ferrite core. The TC0502 is our smallest telecoil with and tiny size and high sensitivity in the low-frequency range (20-40kHz). View technical details.
  • - TP0602-TC series: Micro SMD Hard Ferrite Telecoil. This surface mountable ferrite wound inductor is a small telecoil solution with good frequency and temperature behavior. View technical details.
  • - TC0902 series: SMD Telecoil 9x1.5x2mm. This telecoil series has high sensitivity in low-frequency range (1kHz). View technical details.
  • - TC1102 series: SMD Telecoil 10.5x1.4x2mm. This series of Telecoil is the largest in the catalogue, with high sensitivity over the full operating range (20-40kHz) and SMD mounting. View technical details.

Main Characteristics of Premo’s Telecoils 

The key features of Premo Telecoils for hearing aid systems are their small size, high sensitivity, and the SMD Mounting.

Our highly qualified team of experts is here to support you in selecting the correct Telecoil for your specific application from our webshop. If you need a more customized part, we offer custom Telecoils to better fit your system requirements.  Feel free to contact us, or chat live with our experts from any of our web pages.