Innovating in Magnetics since 1962

We are a global leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with special focus on the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IoT, M2M, VR, Connected and Electric Vehicles. Our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery and the quality of our products position us along years as a preferred supplier


The challenge today is to achieve smaller size and better performance without compromising system costs. We design AEC-Q200 Inductors and Magnetics for E-mobility, Powertrain, and Safety applications engineered to withstand harsh environments.

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Smart Grids

Take your Smart meter to another level with our blocking filters. Reduce all kinds of noise coming from end user equipment via household wiring to ensure more reliable PLC communication. Our New Gen of blocking filters are PRIME, CENELEC/FCC compatible.

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Achieve true Immersive experiences in VR applications is a must. Our 3DoF Tx/Rx Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Sensors has been design to offer high accurate with no delays, high stability and low latency to give the best user experience avoiding motion-sickness.

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Internet of Things

RFID and NFC Transponders are a crucial element in IoT applications (Medical, Industrial, Wearables, Asset tracking, etc.). Equip your smart object with our transponders, designed for those applications where component size is critical.

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PV Installation for Self Consumption and Ev Charging
PV Installation for Self Consumption and Ev Charging
PREMO Málaga PV Installation for Self-Consumption & Ev Charging. The boost towards the...
PREMO launches the MICUs NB and BB series
PREMO launches the MICUs NB and BB series
PREMO launches the MICUs – NB & BB series for non-intrusive inductive coupler in PLC (Power...
Wireless Charging for electric vehicles
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