Deep Technology Expertise

RFID Components

PREMO is a leading manufacturer in transponder coils focused on automotive market applications such as PKES (Passive Keyless Entry Systems), Immobilizers, TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems), animal identification, and industrial logistics applications.

  • We are pioneers in the introduction of SMD transponder coils working at 125kHz, launched in 1995. Our strong bet for continuous development and innovation leads PREMO RFID components to introduce in 1998 the first isotropic 3D coil for KES in the world and in 2003 a new chip-on-ferrite solution for animal ID.
  • Innovative products with the latest available technologies and high quality incorporated into revolutionary designs make our competitive difference.
  • PREMO RFID transponders advantages are a broad range of cost-effective standard products, customized designs R&D capability, market´s highest sensitivity, and lower profile, different mechanical options for different requirements, highest raw material quality, and performance, and high-quality standards ISO TS.

Inductive Components

PREMO designs, produce, and sells an assorted standard range and custom solutions of inductive components for power electronics dedicated to e-mobility, especially for on onboard battery chargers and DC-DC converters from signal to kW-range)

  • PREMO manufactures superlative signal processing components to handle small power signals, suitable to be used in equipment for a wide diversity of sectors as telecommunications, railways, energy, transport, medical, aerospace, and military.
  • Our standard models have been approved by several well-known international safety standards.
  • Custom made: PREMO has the latest machinery and tooling as well as a flexible production system, which together with the great know-how allows us to manufacture practically any type of inductive component at competitive prices and with low delivery times.

PLC Components

PREMO medium voltage inductive coupler family (MICU 300A-S/LF/OH/W-LF) have been developed for installation in smart grids deployments that require different levels of isolation, in overhead medium voltage installation (>24kV), or inside cabinets of MV/LV substations (>4.7kV). These compacts and weightless solutions are fully compatible with mature and consolidated PRIME PLC standard and G3 popular standard, managed by the G3-PLC Alliance.

  • These families of products support the CENELEC band (Europe) and FCC (USA), which permits the use of frequencies less than 500kHz for narrowband PLC.
  • PREMO Inductive couplers are designed and produced in Málaga.
  • Additionally to the inductive couplers, PREMO is offering a new generation of blocking filters with 3 kinds of attenuation levels for reducing all kinds of noise from the end-user equipment. The BF-xx-MM models are designed especially for smart meters with a Re-connection mechanism that has auto connect/disconnect based on the load impedance.

PREMO PLC Components

VR/AR EM Motion Tracking

PREMO developed the low profile 3DCoil concept 20 years ago. Due to this large amount of experience in this product line, there is a large portfolio of Tx/Rx electromagnetic tracking sensors, covering all kinds of range, dimensions or performance constraints. From cube to low-profile configurations, and from lower to higher sensitivities, the range of possibilities is very wide.They are entirely customizable and deliverable within 4 weeks.

  • Our 3DCoils and 3DCoilCube motion tracking magnetic sensors use a 3D emitter antenna that generates an electromagnetic field. The use of low frequency/long wavelength signals allow tracking sensors to be embedded or out of sightline, ideal for any virtual reality controller.
  • The size of the magnetic field varies depending on the dimensions, windings, material and current to the source. The larger the magnetic field, the larger the tracking range.
  • The size of the magnetic field varies depending on the dimensions, windings, material and current to the source. The larger the magnetic field, the larger the tracking range.
  • Already used in some of the world's most advanced VR/AR devices, the 3DCoilCube has an unmatched precision of 0.001m and can track the smallest, slowest movements for optimum 3D motion tracking.