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PREMO Group Presentation 2020 Presentations -- -- 8.281Mb Download
Maximizing power handling in HEVs and EVs with power magnetics Article Inductive Components In Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), the most common electronic architectures for OnBoard Charger (OBC) converters with a power range of 1,8kW to more than 22kW are resonant converters like LLC topologies. The LLC topology converter includes a resonant cell (resonant capacitor + resonant choke) and a power transformer. 0.69Mb Download
Innovative Integrated Magnetics for Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles Onboard Battery Chargers Article Inductive Components Nowadays, the market of hybrid and electrical vehicles is growing quite fast. These are alternative solutions to common thermal engine cars to reduce the global pollution, especially in terms of rejected CO² or other NO x pollutants as well as toxic-for-health thin particles. Such new models require more and more power electronics inside, not only for the... 0.426Mb Download
More Power Magnetics for less polluting cars Article Inductive Components -- 6.04Mb Download
H-field measurement LF Antenna KGEA-BFCWX series Quality RFID Components -- 0.258Mb Download
SEA H-field Magnetic Strength Presentations RFID Components -- 0.107Mb Download
Job Offer: R&D engineer for Germany Office Others -- Job Offer: R&D engineer for the Germany Office. Engineer in industrial engineering, electronics, electrical engineering or electromechanics Autonomous, responsible, self-involved, methodical, strict, organized and good communication skills. Comfortable working in project execution in a multinational environment and availability to travel. Curious,... 0.09Mb Download
Job Offer PREMO Germany - Field Sales Engineer Others -- -- 0.117Mb Download
Elektronik Magazine - 3Dpower article Article Inductive Components This article analyze the advances achieved by PREMO regarding heat dissipation techniques in 3DPower™. 3.791Mb Download
VR EM motion tracking sensors & applications II Brochures -- Innovative Magnetics have a signifcant role in sensing and tracking position and motion in immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality systems 6.683Mb Download
Emitter antenna product portfolio - Chinese version Brochures RFID Components 发射天线产品介绍 1.58Mb Download
Inductive couplers product portfolio- Chinese version Brochures PLC Components 电感耦合器产品介绍 1.012Mb Download
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