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High Quality Inductive Components - PRESSEMITTEILUNG German Article Inductive Components -- 0.235Mb Download
ISO 14001 Premo Vietnam 2021-2024 Quality -- -- 0.203Mb Download
ISO 9001 Premo Vietnam 2021-2024 Quality -- -- 0.269Mb Download
IATF 16949 Vietnam 2021-2024 Quality -- -- 0.668Mb Download
RFID Datasheet Datasheets RFID Components PREMO is a global leading supplier of RFID antenna solutions, with state-of-the-art designs for automotive applications, including TPMS, PKE, RPKE, Immobilizers as well as any wireless emitter/ reception application. 1.176Mb Download
Emitter Antennas Datasheet Datasheets RFID Components PREMO’s emitter antennas are available for LF 20, 125, and 134.2 kHz operating frequencies with different inductance/capacitor combinations and appropriate current capability. 1.51Mb Download
Inductive Couplers Datasheet Datasheets PLC Components PREMO MICU MV Inductive Couplers are innovative non-intrusive solutions that avoid blackout and grid disconnections during the installation. lts high permeability and high-performance materials avoid saturation problems at high currents, allowing larger distances between PLC communication equipment located at different MV transformer stations. 0.915Mb Download
RFID Brochure Brochures RFID Components Take a view of Premo's most innovative RFID components for automotive applications. With immobilizers, TPMS, PKE/KES/KG receiver antennas, and emitter antennas. 0.374Mb Download
NFC Brochure Brochures RFID Components PREMO has developed different ferrite-based antenna concepts that have been specially designed for those NFC applications where component size is critical. Our innovative NFC antennas, 13,56MHz tuned for Rx/Tx, require less board space compared with PCB printed loop antennas and offers up to 30% longer reading distances taking into account same size 0.215Mb Download
Bloking Filters Brochure Brochures PLC Components PREMO Group is introducing a new generation of blocking filters for smart grid applications. The innovative PREMO BF Series allows proper and more reliable PLC Communication. 0.184Mb Download
EV HV Brochure Brochures Inductive Components Find the most innovative inductive components for hybrid and electric vehicles. With OBC, Isolated DCDC HV/LV (400V/12V), Mild-Hybrid DCDC(48V/12V), Inverter, Aux. and Signal Transformers and 3DPower 0.315Mb Download
Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensor presentation Presentations -- -- 4.794Mb Download
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