NFC Automotive Solutions

After the boom of Near field communication (NFC) applications in mobile environments, this technology is spreading to the automotive sector enabling advanced services like user authentication, secure communications and e-payment.

The industry is introducing several and innovative applications in today’s cars that are taking advantage of NFC technology main properties: data transmission (near field contactless) and identification/encrypted data, including smart car access, electronic immobilizer, data streaming and pairing, e-payment, car user settings, diagnosis and status of the car, etc. This technology enables improvements on current applications like car access (PKE/RKE) and electronic immobilizer systems, providing a secure and most robust architecture for communications between car and user device (Smartphone).

In a typical car access application, the final user could use his mobile device (smartkey or Smartphone) with NFC functionality, locating it close to some external area of the vehicle, for example, the side mirror, equipped with an NFC antenna, and connected with a reader inside the vehicle (and finally connected with the control unit of the car). A secure communication will be established (Near Field Communication at 13,56MHz) between the user device and the control unit of the car. After authentication / identification was been verified, the car unlocks the doors allowing the user access.

PREMO Solutions

To meet the growing integration of NFC applications in the automotive market, PREMO has developed an outstanding NFC antenna product range (13.56MHz) very well suited for mobile devices. Our incomparable NFC antennas cover not only single axis antennas (SDTR1103HF, ZC1003HF), but also 3D antennas with very good performance regardless physical device orientation (3DC15HF, 2D1D). PREMO also provide combined antennas with standard 3D low frequency transponder (125kHz) and NFC high frequency (13.56MHz) functionalities.

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