Industrial and Telecom Applications

Powered industrial or telecom equipments require energy conversion from the AC 50/60Hz single or three-phase mains network in the Industry or from a DC-bus to generate local 48V loop in Telco environments. Thus switch-mode power supplies are used for voltage conversion according to the application specifications. The needs can vary from smart power (1-100W) with for example low size insulated flyback or forward transformers to kW applications where symmetrical half- or full-bridges are preferred. Over 10kW the converter is preferably made of parallelized power stages to share the high current to be switched. Associated to MOSFET or IGBT transistors and diode rectifiers we find a complete set of magnetic components dedicated to energy conversion, interim storage or current filtering applications, measurement...

The required transformers must also withstand safety standards in regards to the insulation like IEC-60950, IEC-61558, IEC-60664… For this purpose special insulating techniques can be used as triple insulated wire (TIW) or winding between margins and outputs under sleeves. Moreover the dielectric strength test to withstand, the insulation must also be compliant with construction criteria like creepage distance, clearance and distance through the insulation.

PREMO HPT, GHPT and HPTR series are high power transformers in the kW range made of a high quality full overmolding. The resin used which is vacuum potted offers very high insulating, thermal and mechanical performances for industrial applications.

For smarter power up to 300W, PREMO proposes the multilayer PCB technology for AC/DC or DC/DC conversion in telecom applications. Moreover standard THT and SMD formats from the catalogue (Planar, NS series), the company also develops on-demand solutions according to customers’ input requirements.

Additionally to standard or custom power transformers, PREMO also proposes other components from the shelves such as :

  • - EMI AC filter with CM and DM Chokes (HC, PC, PM, HFEF, LF, ET/UT and PL series)
  • - PFC stage with related boost inductor (PFC series)
  • - Output CMC and other filtering chokes (PB, UC and HPC series)
  • - Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection (CS, CM, CWP-CWL, CF, CA and CV/CH series)
  • - Gate drive transformers for transistors control (PI, PT, TI series)


Output Choke

Current Transformer