Blocking Filter

PREMO Group is introducing a new generation of blocking filters for smart grid applications. The innovative PREMO BF Series allows a proper and more reliable PLC Communication.

The challenge:

All the European utility companies are changing Old Electricity meter to Smart meters which works by PLC systems using low frequency signals, such as PRIME (42-89Khz), G3 (35-91Khz) & CENELEC Band A (9-95Khz). The noise is coming from the end-user equipments via household wiring which is too close to PLC frequency ranges. It blocks the communication between Smart meters and Concentrators.

PREMO Solutions

PREMO is offering a new generation of blocking filters with 3 kind of attenuation level for reducing all kind of noise from the end user equipments. The BF-xx-MM models are designed especially for smart meters with Re-connection mechanism which has auto connect / disconnect based on load impedance.

BF Series Key Advantages:

  • - Very High performance > 40dB attenuation
  • - High performance > 30dB attenuation
  • - General type > 20dB attenuation
  • - Easy to install into the 220Vac to 250Vac 50Hz/60Hz network
  • - Designed with 20A, 30A & 40A rated currents