Social Responsibility

PREMO’s Code of Conduct is the foundation of our Company’s commitment to the highest ethical standards. It describes the basic values and principles which are binding for all PREMO employees during their everyday work and when dealing with colleagues, customers and other company stakeholders.

The aim of this Code of Conduct is therefore to ensure PREMO's development in accordance with national and transnational laws and ethical standards.

This content is critically important to the health, vitality, and success of the Company.

It helps us make decisions that are not only effective but consistent with the values and principles we hold.

  Social Inclusion

PREMO is committed with the social inclusion of disabled people. The PREMO Innovation Center is adapted to people with reduced mobility, without architectural barriers and with work on the shop floor.

In case of people with reduced mobility or another kind of disability, an email can be sent with the CV to the following email address, showing the kind of disability:

PREMO will analyze how to adapt your disability based on our demand.

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  RSC Press Releases:

PREMO runs its first 70kWp renewable energy (photovoltaic) installation on its headquarters.

The boost towards the use of Electric Vehicles. Pursuing zero carbon footprint in Andalusian Tech Park.

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