L (mH) MinDCR (Ω) MaxFreq. (kHz)Cres (pF)Q x,y,z MinHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)SRF (kHz) MinSensitivity (mV/uT) min
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High precision

AMFITRACK is an embedded stand-alone, low-cost yet high-precision electromagnetic tracking system suitable for use in many applications. 

The System

The AMFITRACK system consists of an EMF source (transmitter) and one or more wireless EMF sensors (receivers). The sensor(s) picks up the electromagnetic field generated by the source and calculates its position and orientation which is then transmitted wirelessly or by USB.

Free SDK

All system purchases includes a well-documented SDK and the AMFITRACK Viewer application which can be used for 3D visualization together with system monitoring and configuration.

Key Features

• No Line-of-Sight Occlusions and No Drift

• Full Six-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DOF) tracking

• Wireless, rechargeable, small form factor sensors

• Sensor Tracking Autostart

• Multiple sensor tracking

• Embedded tracking algorithms

(no post-processing needed)

• Highly configurable

• USB data output (Source / Sensor / Hub)

• IMU and Magnetometer onboard

• EMF / IMU sensor fusion included

• Free Windows 3D visualization and

configuration software

• Free SDK including Python Library

• Compatible with Unity / SteamVR / Unreal Engine

To get the software please click on this link: