Inductive Couplers

Inductive coupler in MV/LV substation

Inductive coupler in MV/LV overhead transformer

Inductive Couplers

In smart grids inductive couplers are playing a big role as it’s transmit the communication signals between powerline and PLC data transceiver without introducing any new wires or cables, being a competitive solution compared with capacitive coupling.

PREMO Solutions

PREMO medium voltage inductive coupler family (MICU 300A-S/LF/OH/W-LF) have been developed for installation in smart grids deployments that requires different levels of isolation, in overhead medium voltage installation (>24kV), or inside cabinets of MV/LV substations (>4.7kV). These compacts and weightless solution if sully compatible with mature and consolidated PRIME PLC standard and G3 popular standard, managed by the G3-PLC Alliance.

These family of products support CENELEC band (Europe) and FCC (USA), which permits the use of frequencies less than 500kHz for narrow band PLC.

PREMO inductive couplers are made with high permeability and performance materials that avoid saturation problems at high currents, allowing long reading distances between MV base transformers. This helps to increase the broadband and to improve the communication efficiency as its offers low insertion losses: 12±2dB (@100-250kHz); 5±2dB (@250kHz-600kHz). These family products offer different connectors (including standards BNC connectors, and also IP67 waterproof connectors).