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Electronic Components Kits Catalog.

PREMO offers electronic components designer kits commonly used for the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality systems, Smart Grid applications, and Power Inductors for engineering projects.

All electronic component kits are provided with robust, high quality components, currently in production at very competitive prices.

We review here all Premo electronic component kits available in our catalog:


The first of its kind electronic component KIT for developing AR and VR systems. The kit includes RFID Transponder coils for both emitter and sensor (3D Cubes and 3D Coils) in different sizes and inductance configurations.

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VR/AR DEMO KIT and VR/AR DEMO KIT 2 are stand-alone, high precision, low-cost 3D tracking systems.

Both kits provide advantages such as six degrees of freedom, AmfiTrack™ technology, high precision, easy installation, and no need for line of sight operating environment.

All electronic components included in the kits are completely customizable to your requirements. Find more information and buy online here.

MV Coupler Kit.

THE Best electronic component kit for Smart Grid applications, which includes our new innovative MICU 300A-S/LF. This high current smart grid solution is made with high permeability nanocrystalline materials specially design to avoid saturation at high currents.

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On-Board Charger (OBC) LLC POWER KIT.

This specialized development kit includes high-quality magnetics, dedicated for the development of the onboard battery chargers (OBC). The kit includes common-mode and PFC chokes, flyback auxiliary transformers, gate-drive, and PLC transformers for EV/HV automotive markets.  All components are AEC-Q200 qualified

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This last electronic component kit from Premo is for the development of DC-DC power supplies for all the electronic devices in the vehicle: power planar transformers, High current output DC filtering chokes, Flyback auxiliary transformers, Gate-drive transformers, and Current measurement transformers.

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