VR Market: the economist's view
02 November, 2021
Temperature and heat management in power electronics for EV´s
Temperature and heat management in power electronics for EV´s

These days Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles is dominated mainly by constrains that lead to the development of smaller components, handling more power, fitting in smaller packages. In two words: Power Density.

02 August, 2021
Innovative Inductive Components for xEVs Switch Mode Power Supplies

The aim of this e-paper is to present the PREMO global and more advanced solutions of power magnetic components for e-mobility. It focuses on onboard battery chargers and DC-DC converters from signal to kW-range power inductive devices used in switching frequency operations, measurements or communications.

02 July, 2021
10 Key Criteria for choosing EM Tracking Sensors

The selection of the right digital hardware when developing virtual reality and augmented reality systems will become one of the most important, and hardest decisions you will make. That’s why we share with you the 10 key criteria for choosing EM trackers for your VR products.

02 May, 2021
VR/EM Motion Tracking Sensors & Applications
VR/EM Motion Tracking Sensors & Applications
02 February, 2021

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