NFC secure module for Door Handle

NFC secure car access for Door Handle - KGEA-DH-NFCTS
NFC secure module for Door Handle Due...
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NFC secure module for Door Handle

Due to the development of new telecommunications technologies and network services included in the vehicle, vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 designers have started to develop other methods for Access to the vehicle, with the smartphone as the main active device. At Premo, we anticipated this trend by developing an innovative NFC system suitable for Door Handle Smart Key (NFC) car access and Demo kit for developing Smart key applications. 


- NFC reader compliant with ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693 and FeliCa™.
- Lock and Unlock touch sensors.
- Pocket lighting.
- CAN-FD link with the ECU.
- Include basic Android app.
- Low power consumption.
- Secure communication.
- Resilient and effective in different weather conditions.
- Electronics designed to meet automotive standards.


- Door handle for Smart Key (NFC) car access.
- Demo kit for developing Smart Key applications.


1. Power the device and open the example Android app in the smartphone.
2. Activate one of the touch sensors to wake-up the device and start the NFC reading.
3. Bring the smartphone closer to the NFC antenna of the DH.
4. You will receive a light indication with each touch sensing and NFC correct reading.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency (MHz)Operating VoltageMax. Current ConsumptionSleep mode consumptionNFC Reading distanceWaterproof, flammabilityEMC TestingOperating temperature
  KGEA-DH-NFCTS 13.56 MHz for NFC 6-36 Vdc, 12 Vdc typ. 300 mA 450 uA 5cm with smartphone IP67, UL94-V0 CISPR25, ISO7637-2, ISO11452-2, ISO11452-4, ISO10605 -40ºC to 85ºC