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Current Transformers for Automotive Onboard Battery Charger.

Onboard Battery Charging systems used to maintain the high-voltage battery systems in today’s EV/PHEV’s are first and foremost used to provide power to the electrical motors (powertrain).  Additionally, this energy source also feeds a multitude of embedded electrical and electronic systems at much lower voltage levels.  In order to manage the various low voltage power rails in the vehicle, current transformers play a critical role in monitoring and maintaining the overall efficiency of these subsystems, and overall battery health.  

What is a Current Transformer used for?

Current transformer magnetics are used as a low loss method for sensing the AC current in a circuit and for providing electrical and safety isolation between the source of the current and the measurement circuit. The current transformer works by using the magnetic field of an alternating current through the primary circuit (typically a single turn winding) to induce a lower current in a secondary circuit (with a greater number of turns). In this way, it measures the current, reduces it and passes the current through a sense resistor to produce a voltage, which is then fed to a control IC. 

The use of a Current Transformer in Automotive HEV DC/DC Converters and Onboard battery chargers is mandatory, as it is necessary to reduce the high voltage currents inside the vehicle to much lower values. When selecting the current transformers for your automotive project, a few considerations must be taken into mind.

Main considerations to properly select a Current Transformer

The main features to take in mind to select the right current transformer for your OBC are:

  • > Maximum RMS current to be measured.
  • > Designed for high performance and reliability.
  • > A working frequency from 100 to 250kHz.
  • > High Operating Temperature range from -40 to 155 ºC.
  • > AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) component capable.
  • > Stable operating performance across temperature range.
  • > Isolation voltage required.
  • > Insulation level (Functional, Basic, Reinforced).
  • > RoHS compliant.

At Premo Group, we are focused on providing rugged and reliable current measurement transformers for feedback and protection with up to 35A and high isolation levels specific to EV/PHEV Automotive applications. 

Current Transformers Catalog.

Find complete specifications, available current ranges, and datasheet downloads of our standard current transformers on the individual page links below:

CSAU-100 series, Automotive EV/PHEV Current Transformer up to 35 Amps, AEC-Q200, and RoHS certified. This low profile, encapsulated series is ideally suited for Automotive DC/DC Converters, Battery Chargers, and Industrial high-power SMPS.

CS-35A series, Automotive EV/PHEV SMD Current Transformer up to 35Amps, suitable for Automotive EV/HEV DC/DC converters, battery chargers, and industrial high power SMPS.

 Current Transformers

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Our highly qualified team of experts is here to support you in selecting the correct current transformer for your specific application from our webshop. If you need a more customized part, we offer custom current transformers to better fit your system requirements.  Feel free to contact us, or chat live with our experts from any of our web pages.