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Advanced and optimized critical magnetics set for DCDC converters

What will you learn? Magnetic components represent a significant part of the size and cost of high frequency DCDC converters. The trend is for power electronics engineers to use new semiconductors technologies that enables higher operating frequencies, that enable the reduction of size of inductive components and converters. PREMO, as designer and …  

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02 December, 2021
New PLC-LW-series transformer family for power line communication.
PREMO releases PLC-LW-series transformer family

Power Line Communication Transformers – PLC-LW series This SMD isolation transformer 1:1 has been designed for coupling/decoupling signals for power lines communication according to IEC 15118 and IEC 61851-1 for charging system communication V2G & V2V. PREMO, leader in manufacturing RFID magnetic sensors, Inductive couplers, and power magnetic components completes its range …  

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26 October, 2021
Webinar: Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)
Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)

What will you learn? Electrical, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles use high voltage networks. They must be connected to the 110 or 230Vac 50/60Hz mains through a charging station or an in-home adaptative box to refill the batteries in energy. Moreover, the output voltage range of the battery pack is around 400Vdc …  

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13 October, 2021
Pushbutton Switches series for Automotive
Pushbutton Switches for Automotive and Harsh Environment

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of RFID components, has announced the Pushbutton Switches series, PB-Sx, with superior electrical, mechanic, and waterproof performances that have been specially designed for vehicle access and other applications in harsh environments. We explain the main considerations of this innovative PB-Sx series at the video below: Premo’s Pushbutton Switches Many …  

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11 October, 2021
Wireless Power Transfer for EV & Autonomous Vehicles

What will you learn?   In the field of wireless charging of electric vehicles, new innovations and technologies are succeeding each other. One of these innovations is the development of a new flexible and robust magnetic core for wireless charging of electric vehicles. Each pad has multiple built-in high performance components, such …  

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02 October, 2021
OBC and DCDC Kits for Automotive
Premo introduces new Kits developed for the Automotive Market

Our Business Development Manager D-A-CH, Jonas Maier, introduces and reviews two of Premo’s latest Kits for the automotive and EV / HEV market. In this case, presented The OBC Power Kit including a wide range of high-quality magnetics specially designed for the onboard battery chargers and the DCDC Power Kit which is …  

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30 August, 2021
Temperature and heat management in power electronics for EV´s
Temperature and heat management in power electronics for EV´s

These days Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles is dominated mainly by constrains that lead to the development of smaller components, handling more power, fitting in smaller packages. In two words: Power Density.

02 August, 2021

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