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Being part of PREMO´s panel is all but a thrilling experience! 

In a few words, PREMO is a fast-growing Spanish Electronics company leader in Magnetics devices: RFID antennas, Transformers, and filters, .. developed in our R&D centers (Málaga, Tangier, Da Nang, Bangalore, Shanghai, or Seoul) and manufactured in our plants: Tangier, Da Nang, and Wuhu.

We are essentially buying Ferrites, Copper wires (enameled and litz), Nano cores, plastic components, and chemicals (glue, resins, epoxy). About half the components are used in our plant in Vietnam and the rest is shared between Morocco and China. We are looking for competitivity of course but not only. In a changing and challenging world, we need innovative and sustainable solutions such as Green chemicals, recyclable materials, or shorter lead times in providing samples.

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> PREMO Purchasing in figures:

> Words from PREMO´s Purchasing Director:

PREMO Purchasing Department is contributing to PREMO objectives with an effective and ethical purchasing organization, adding value and reducing cost through appropriate resource optimization and alignment of the supply base with customer requirements. We Implement discipline, ethics, and results thinking throughout our organization and develop transparency & collaborative partnerships with key strategic suppliers.

We are taking benefit of available new technologies, and materials to increase value throughout our supplier base achieving efficient costing and smooth SOP with customers via efficient project management.

We are also strengthening a kaizen & learning culture amongst our team members and implementing best-in-class standards and tools for cross-functional collaboration and internal and external customer supports. VEGA is a good example of a collaborative tool, you can use to develop business with us.

> Working with PREMO as a Supplier. 

ACME Supplier Testimonial:

PREMO and ACME, a relationship based on trust.

ACME is a pioneer producer of nickel zinc soft ferrite products in Malaysia since 1987. They work undeterred towards the development and manufacture of high-quality, conventional, and advanced electronic components for worldwide distribution.

Markus Khor - ACME Malaysia VP of Sales & Marketing, talks about the benefits of collaborating with PREMO.