Common Mode Chokes

What is a Common Mode Choke?

What is a common mode choke and how does it work? The common mode choke is an inductive component used in electronic circuits to block high frequency by alternating current (AC) in a circuit while allowing lower frequencies, or direct current (DC), through.

Common Mode Choke Applications. 

There are several applications where you can use a common mode choke to reduce noise, such as LCD panels, Power cables, USB drives, Computers, and laptops Monitors, and automotive power supply.

In Premo Group, we offer different Common Mode chokes for Automotive applications both EV/PHV AC/DC onboard battery chargers and HV/LV DC/DC converters.

Common Mode Choke

How to select Common Mode Choke for power supply?

In order to select the right Common Mode Choke for automotive applications, you might take in mind the following electrical specifications:

  • - Inductance at 25ºC
  • - Turn-Ratio.
  • - DC Resistance at 25ºC
  • - Dielectric strength
  • - Common Mode choke Leakage Inductance

Premo Common Mode Choke Catalog.

Premo includes in the catalog a wide range of EMI AC & output DC filters with CM & DM Chokes (iron powder, high permeability ferrite or nanocrystalline cores)AEC-Q200 fully qualified.

Here you can review some of the common mode choke designed and manufactured by Premo Group for automotive applications.

Go to each series to buy online Premo’s Common Mode Chokes and to the features, operation, and electric specifications.

Do you not find what you need? We offer custom common mode choke solutions to fit your systems requirements. Contact us here.