Flyback Transformers

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What are flyback transformers?

The trends in the semiconductor industry, especially with the new SiC and GaN transistors push the magnetic designers to find solutions adapted to the increased switching frequency by reducing the size and the heating.

In this sense, what is a flyback transformer and what does it do? The flyback Transformer is used and design to provide voltage transformation and circuit isolation in flyback converters. Here and with these trends leading to more power in less size, it is where the concept of flyback transformer for high voltage intervenes.

In Premo Group, we develop and design high-quality Flyback auxiliary transformers (multi-outputs coupling and isolation management) for Automotive EV/PHV AC/DC onboard battery chargers.


Flyback Transformers catalog

PREMO offers a wide range of high-quality Flyback Transformers dedicated to the onboard battery chargers, with AEC-Q200 fully qualified.  Let’s review our Flyback Transformer catalog.

For further information of the Flyback transformers operation, values, applications, and features click on the specifications of each series.

Feel free to contact us in this form, or chat in live and our experts will assist you to select the correct type of flyback transformer from our website depending on your specific application needs.

Flyback Transformers 

Buy online Flyback Transformers.

Where buy Flyback Transformers online? In PREMO we are a global company focused on de development of advanced solutions of power magnetic components for automotive and e-mobility. It focuses on onboard battery chargers from signal to kW-range power inductive devices used in switching frequency operations, measurements, or communications.

The use of high performances materials provides Premo Flyback Transformers design with the best efficiency possible, High-temperature stability, and reinforced insulation.  With this commitment, in the development of our products, buy online Premo’s Flyback Transformer is easy, fast, and safe.