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Current Transformers for Automotive Onboard Battery Charger.

The OBC Onboard high-voltage batteries (400-800V) are first and foremost used to supply the electrical motor (power train), This energy source is also used in the vehicle to feed in energy the whole set of embedded electrical or electronic equipment that require a lower voltage.  

What is Current Transformer used for?

The use of a Current Transformer in Automotive OBC is mandatory to reduce the high voltage currents to a much lower value.

The main features to take in mind in order to select the right current transformer for your OBC are:

  • > Be designed for high performance.
  • > Have a working frequency from 100 to 250kHz.
  • > Endure High Operating Temperature -40 to 155 ºC.
  • > AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) component.
  • > Have very stable performances versus temperature.
  • > RoHS compliant.

In Premo Group, we provide Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection with a high primary current up to 35A and high isolation management.


Current Transformers Catalog.

Find complete specifications, available current ranges, and datasheet downloads of our Current transformers on the individual series designs:

CSAU-100 series, Automotive HEV Current Transformer up to 35 Amps, AEC-Q200, and RoHS fully qualified. This series can be suitable for Automotive HEV DC/DC Converters and Battery Chargers, and Industrial high-power SMPS.

CS-35A series, Automotive EV/HEV Isolated SMD Current Transformer up to 35Amps, suitable for Peak current sensing, current measurement for bridge control, Automotive EV/HEV DC/DC converters and battery chargers, and Industrial high power SMPS.

 Current Transformers

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Also, we can assist you to select the correct type of current transformer of our webshop base on your specific application needs. Feel free to contact us in this form, or chat in live with our experts.