Deep Technology Expertise

RFID Components

PREMO is a leading manufacturer in transponder coils focused on automotive market applications such as RKES (remote keyless entry systems), mmobilisers, TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems), animal identification and industrial logistics applications.

  • We are pioneers in the introduction on SMD transponder coils working at 125kHz, launched in 1995. Our strong bet for continuous development and innovation leads PREMO RFID components to introduce in 1998 the first isotropic 3D coil for KES in the world and in 2003 a new chip-on-ferrite solution for animal ID.
  • Innovative products with the latest available technologies and high quality incorporated to revolutionary designs make our competitive difference.
  • Highly qualified engineers develop in Malaga and Wuxi PREMO RFID products, then they’re manufactured in Wuxi and Tangier plants. The sample manufacturing laboratory is in Malaga.
  • PREMO RFID transponders advantages are broad range of cost-effective standard products, customized designs R&D capability, market´s highest sensitivity and lower profile, different mechanical options for different requirements, highest raw material quality and performance and high quality standards ISO TS.
  • PREMO’s portfolio range include SMD ceramic RF chip inductors, SMD ferrite RF chip inductors, single axis transponder Inductors, 3-Axes transponder inductors (3DCoils), emitter antennas, time signal LF receiver antennas, telecoils, tags, glass tube antennas and coreless coils.

Inductive Components

PREMO designs, produces and sells an assorted standard range of inductive components for power electronics (electronics related to the large currents needed to power equipment) mainly for power supplies and industrial applications in general (current meters, inductive ovens, welding machines, electric vehicles, elevators, etc).

  • Also, PREMO manufactures superlative signal processing components to handle small power signals, suitables to be used in equipment for a wide diversity of sectors as telecommunications, railways, energy, transport, medical, aerospace and military.
  • PREMO inductive components are developed in Barcelona (planar transformers) and Wuxi plant (small power products) and manufactured in Tangier and Wuxi plants.
  • PREMO inductive components range include: SMD Power Inductors Shielded and Unshielded, High Energy Storage Chokes, Linear Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Planar Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Power Transformers 50/60Hz, Inductive Components for General Applications, Current Transformers & Sensors, Power Transformers.
  • Our standard models have been approved by several well-known international safety standards.
  • Custom made: PREMO has the latest machinery and tooling as well as flexible production system, which together with the great know-how allows us to manufacture practically any type of inductive component at competitive prices and with low delivery times.

EMC Filters

PREMO designs, manufactures and sellls EMC filters for electromagnetic compatibility applications. The company’s experience designing, manufacturing and selling EMC filters goes back to 1970. About 35% of sales at present belong to standard filters.

  • The company designs these to meet customer requirements in electromagnetic compatibility, physical dimensions, assembly mounting and connector types. Applications include such complex loads as elevators, washing machines and motors in medical and military sectors.
  • PREMO EMC Filters are developed by our qualified engineers at the R&D department in Wuxi and Barcelona plant. Customer support, individual EMC solutions and on-site measurements are the key force of PREMO EMC team.
  • Premo EMC has fixed and on-site (moving) laboratories to carry out the EMC tests in machines or installations of its customers. Solutions are given or suggested in place In order to fulfill a specific EMC standard.
  • The PREMO EMC divison is member of EMC standarization Commitees and has its own Notified Body Lab (conducted emission test).
  • PPREMO´s portfolio range includes Single-Phase Filters, Three-Phase Filters, Three-Phase + Neutral Line Filters, Screened room Filters (3Ph+N), output Ferrites and dV/dt Output Filters.

PLC Components

PREMO medium voltage inductive coupler family (MICU 300A-S/LF/OH/W-LF) have been developed for installation in smart grids deployments that requires different levels of isolation, in overhead medium voltage installation (>24kV), or inside cabinets of MV/LV substations (>4.7kV). These compacts and weightless solution if fully compatible with mature and consolidated PRIME PLC standard and G3 popular standard, managed by the G3-PLC Alliance.

  • These family of products support CENELEC band (Europe) and FCC (USA), which permits the use of frequencies less than 500kHz for narrow band PLC.
  • PREMO Inductive couplers are designed and produced in Málaga.
  • Additionally to the inductive couplers, PREMO is offering a new generation of blocking filters with 3 kind of attenuation level for reducing all kind of noise from the end user equipments. The BF-xx-MM models are designed especially for smart meters with Re-connection mechanism which has auto connect / disconnect based on load impedance.