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RFID Datasheet Datasheets RFID Components PREMO is a global leading supplier of RFID antenna solutions, with state-of-the-art designs for automotive applications, including TPMS, PKE, RPKE, Immobilizers as well as any wireless emitter/ reception application. 1.176Mb Download
Emitter Antennas Datasheet Datasheets RFID Components PREMO’s emitter antennas are available for LF 20, 125, and 134.2 kHz operating frequencies with different inductance/capacitor combinations and appropriate current capability. 1.51Mb Download
Inductive Couplers Datasheet Datasheets PLC Components PREMO MICU MV Inductive Couplers are innovative non-intrusive solutions that avoid blackout and grid disconnections during the installation. lts high permeability and high-performance materials avoid saturation problems at high currents, allowing larger distances between PLC communication equipment located at different MV transformer stations. 0.915Mb Download
RFID Brochure Brochures RFID Components Take a view of Premo's most innovative RFID components for automotive applications. With immobilizers, TPMS, PKE/KES/KG receiver antennas, and emitter antennas. 0.374Mb Download
NFC Brochure Brochures RFID Components PREMO has developed different ferrite-based antenna concepts that have been specially designed for those NFC applications where component size is critical. Our innovative NFC antennas, 13,56MHz tuned for Rx/Tx, require less board space compared with PCB printed loop antennas and offers up to 30% longer reading distances taking into account same size 0.215Mb Download
Bloking Filters Brochure Brochures PLC Components PREMO Group is introducing a new generation of blocking filters for smart grid applications. The innovative PREMO BF Series allows proper and more reliable PLC Communication. 0.184Mb Download
Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensor presentation Presentations -- -- 4.794Mb Download
Pushbutton Switches - PRESSEMITTEILUNG German Article RFID Components -- 0.126Mb Download
Bodo's Power Magazine - February Edition Article Inductive Components -- 0.913Mb Download
Pressmitteilung - Premo and KAGA FEI Collaboration Others -- -- 0.282Mb Download
H-field measurement LF Antenna KGEA-BFCAM series Quality RFID Components -- 0.55Mb Download
Premo launches PLC-LW Series - German Version Article Inductive Components PREMO bringt eine Transformatorenfamilie der PLC-LW-Serie speziell für powerline Communication auf den Markt 0.493Mb Download
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