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PREMO Mission & Vision Quality -- -- 0.173Mb Download
PREMO Culture & Values Quality -- -- 0.169Mb Download
PREMO Conflict of Minerals Policy Quality -- -- 0.269Mb Download
PREMO Code of conduct & Social Responsibility Quality -- -- 0.286Mb Download
IATF 16949 Premo Mediterranee Quality -- -- 0.264Mb Download
ISO 9001 Premo Mediterranee Quality -- -- 0.196Mb Download
IATF 16949 Premo Wuxi Quality -- -- 0.325Mb Download
ISO 9001 Premo Wuxi Quality -- -- 1.524Mb Download
Product customization marks the difference Article -- Premo continues betting on the “product customización” especially in the automotive market; due to this, their income in this sector almost suppose 80% of the business. 0.69Mb Download
EETimes Mag. - More and more power magnetic components for less polluting cars Article -- Many magnetic components are involved to fulfill the required power electronic module performances which cannot be achieved without a good optimization of every brick design. 6.04Mb Download
"Who is Who" in Málaga Article -- Vidaeconomica Magazine published a guide with more than 750 companies located in Málaga organized by sector. PREMO Group is an highlighed company in the industrial and manufacturing sector. 1.703Mb Download
CEO´s Interview - IDEA! Magazine Article -- Ezequiel Navarro, PREMO CEO, Interview about PREMO Málaga beginnings, the company internationalization, and upcoming projects. 3.308Mb Download
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