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CAD MODEL SDTR1103 CAD models RFID Components -- 0.081Mb Download
IATF 16949 2021-2024 Vietnam Quality -- -- 0.611Mb Download
Company Presentation 2022 Presentations -- -- 6.044Mb Download
Wuhu IATF 16949 certification Quality -- -- 0.154Mb Download
Entrevista Ezequiel via Málga Tech Park Article -- Entrevista a Ezequiel Navarro, CEO de Premo Group, por Málaga Tech Park 0.655Mb Download
Quality Policy_v02 Quality -- -- 0.072Mb Download
Wireless Charging Rx Antennas for EV Datasheets Inductive Components Innovative Receiving Antenna flexible-pad for the wireless power transfer in the electric vehicles 1.285Mb Download
New materials for dissipation applications Datasheets -- Development of new materials for dissipation applications and high thermal conductivity in combination with magnetic properties. 0.749Mb Download
EV HV Brochure Brochures Inductive Components Find the most innovative inductive components for hybrid and electric vehicles. With OBC, Isolated DCDC HV/LV (400V/12V), Mild-Hybrid DCDC(48V/12V), Inverter, Aux. and Signal Transformers and 3DPower 1.249Mb Download
ISO 14001 2015 PREMO Mediterranee_2022-2025_EN Quality -- -- 0.208Mb Download
IATF 16949 2016 PREMO Mediterranee_2022-2025_EN Quality -- -- 0.518Mb Download
SO 9001-2015 Premo_2022_2025_EN_IQNET Quality -- -- 0.209Mb Download
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