The growing importance of companies in commercial relations at a global level, brings with it the need to establish mechanisms of control over the activities of companies, and especially to control the criminal responsibility thereof.

Our Code of Ethics define the lines of action to be followed in the organization’s operations, and any misalignment of business culture with respect to illegal or fraudulent acts that may be committed by its employees and that may damage the company's image and entail its criminal responsibility.

Our Code of Compliance represents our commitment to treat each other with integrity, along with our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

The existence of a true culture of compliance with an attitude of zero tolerance for possible breaches requires the involvement of all the people who make up PREMO. With the aim of helping to maintain this Culture, PREMO has established a system that allows customers, suppliers and other parties to report criminal acts and other major compliance violations. A Compliance Committee have been created to ensure compliance with the obligations that affect PREMO.

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