VR Sensors - Rx EM Motion Tracking

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Virtual Reality Motion Sensors.

High-performance AR and VR systems work with extremely sensitive, precise, robust, and responsive motion sensors. A VR/AR system developer must consider  the use of sensors that provide a truly immersive experience, which relies in the use of highly accurate and sensitive sensors. The use of the right VR sensors can also avoid motion sickness in the device user as a result of incorrect heading information derived from imprecise inertial sensor data.

What sensors are needed for VR and how do they work? VR Sensor coils in EM motion tracking are wound around a ferromagnetic core and placed in the transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) ends of the Electromagnetic Motion System to generate and receive the magnetic field signals. Premo’s 3D coil technology is composed of 3 orthogonal coils wound on a single cube shaped core or a “low profile” core that receives voltages that represent vectors of the 3 orthogonal components. We review here the different options.

Premo VR Sensors Catalog.

In PREMO we offer a wide range of VR magnetic sensors (both on a cube or a “low profile” core) that covers a wide range of size and sensitivity requirements. 

VR sensors

3DC Cubic VR Sensor.

The current VR sensors developed by PREMO with cube cores provide many advantages compared to other standard products found in the market today.

PREMO 3D VR Sensors Advantages

  • > Isotropy. Inductance and Sensitivity (or radiation pattern) similar in the three axis.
  • > Common magnetic and geometric center. (< 1mm)
  • > Compact size. The three-axis components integrated into one component that saves space, and cost.
  • > SMT contacts. Available for standard P&P automatic lines.
  • > Fully automated winding for Mass production. 

Unmatched sensing precision of 0.001m to, track the smallest, and slowest movements for optimum 3D motion tracking.

  • - 3DCC08 series. 3D Coil Cube receiver sensor for VR magnetic tracking systems (16.5x14.8x11.8 mm). Review technical details here.
  • - 3DCC10 series. 3D Coil Cube receiver sensor for VR magnetic tracking systems (17.4x15.2x13.9 mm). Review technical details  here.

3DC Low profile VR Sensor.

Premo Group uses high permeability NiZn material in all 3DC Low Profile coils (coils are wound directly over ferrite core with high surface resistivity). This material sldo has high thermal stability across the operating temperature range.

Other advantages of these VR low profile sensors are:

  • Small Size (to 6mm).
  • Low profile. For integration in mobile devices like handheld and smart devices.
  • Isotropy. Inductance of Z-axis is increased to balance X & Y axis.
  • Equal sensitivity in the three axis.
  • Common magnetic and geometric center. (< 1mm)
  • Compact size. The three-axis components integrated into one component that saves space and cost and assembly time.
  • SMT contacts. Available for standard P&P automatic lines.

Premo offers several sizes of the standard low profile 3D coil VR sensor product.

3DV06 series.

Our smallest 3D Rx EM Motion Tracking Sensors 7x7x2.3 mm. Review technical details here.

3DV09 series.

Low profile 3D magnetic Rx sensor 9.5x9.5x3.1mm. Review technical details here.

3DV11 series.

Low profile 3D AOI (for Automated Optical Inspection) magnetic Rx sensor for VR 13x11.6x3.45mm. Review technical details here.

3DV15 series.

3D EM receiver sensor for VR magnetic tracking systems 15.6x15.6x3.8mm. Review technical details here.

All Premo VR Sensors can be customized for your unique project requirements. Feel free to send us your inquiry using our contact form.

If you need more information about the smartest choice in terms of VR electromagnetic sensors selection, we highly recommend you download the free webinar titled “Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensors”.

> Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensors

Buy VR Sensors online.

Premo is a key global supplier in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art innovative magnetics for VR Technology applications. Premo developed the low-profile 3DCoil concept 20 years ago, and many of the VR sensors already used in some of today’s most advanced VR/AR devices are from Premo.

As a result of our experience and leadership in VR sensing, our standard product line contains a wide variety of shapes, sizes, mounting configurations and performance specifications and we are sure to have a design that meets your product needs.  If one of our standard products does not fully suit your needs, Our highly qualified team of experts is here to support you in selecting the correct VR Sensor for your specific application. If you need a more customized part, we offer custom Sensor coils to precisely fit your system requirements. Feel free to contact us, or chat live with our experts from any of our web pages.