3DV06 - Smallest 3D Rx EM Motion Tracking Sensors for VR/AR 7x7x2.3 mm

L (mH) MinDCR (Ω) MaxFreq. (kHz)Cres (pF)Q x,y,z MinHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)SRF (kHz) MinSensitivity (mV/uT) min
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Smallest 3D Rx EM Motion Tracking Sensors

Electromagnetic motion tracking system Works by using one low frequency isotropic magnetic feld generator and one or several isotropic 3D magnetic sensors. 3D coils have huge flexibility in terms of customization and setup to fulfll the application needs or environment changes. This is the smallest 3D coil in the market allowing to be used or very small volumes to be traced.

  • Smallest size of the market (7×7mm)
  • SMD solution
  • Suitable for AOI
  • High stability in temperature (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Inductance range: 1-4mH
  • La belled to allow P&P operarions

Lx,y,z nomQx,y,z nom f (kHz)SRF x,y (kHz) MinSRF z (kHz) MinDCR x (Ω) MaxDCR y (Ω) MaxDCR z (Ω) MaxSensitivity x,y,z DCR z (Ω) Max(mVpp/App/m) Min
3DV06-A-S0100J    1.0 / 1.0 / 5.8 mH 3.4/3/3.5 20 1000 1000 44 49 230 2.7
3DV06-A-S0340J  3.40 / 3.40 / 10.2 mH 305/3/4 20 500 750 141 154 350 5





Custom Product

A wide range of configuration possibilities

PREMO biggest competitive advantage is the short time-to-market performance when developing a custom-made solution according to customer specifics.

A wide variety of EM sensors can be designed to meet AR/VR systems requirements. From cube configurations to low-profile configurations, and from lower to higher sensitivities, the range of possibilities is very wide:

• Shapes (i.e. rectangular, quasi-cub, ultralow-profile)
• Inductance: Tx (20μH – 2mH), Rx(300μH – 7mH)
• Operation frequency (3 – 300kHz)
• Standard cables to male/female connector
• FPC connection
• Over-Molded (low pressure molding)