Flyback transformer for 3.5kW battery chargers - FLYT-001

Flyback transformer for 3.5kW battery chargers - FLYT-001

Lvalue: Lmag = 6.3µH / Power: 5W 100KHZ / Turn-ratio: 10:3:7+4:10+4

Our Flyback Transformers for battery chargers are customizable.

Suitable for EV/PHV AC/DC onboard battery chargers
Multi outputs with reinforced insulation (cr >5mm)
UL94 & RoHS materials / AEC-Q200 qualified
Weight: 6gram approx
Switching frequency 100kHz
Insulation according to EN 60664-1

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)

Freq. (kHz) 100
Power (W) 5
Between Windings (1-2 + 4-5)/(8-9-10 + 12-13-14) 3kVac/50Hz/3mA/1min* (8-9-10)/(12-13-14) 1,5kVac/50Hz/3mA/1min* (1-2)/(4-5) 0,5kVac/50Hz/3mA/1min*
Leakage inductance (uH) 0.6
INDUCTANCE at 25ºC 6,3µH ±5%
Turn-Ratio 10:3:7+4:10+4

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