BF-40SP-D3-IPC: PLC Blocking Filter single-phase, 40Arms, IP51

BF-40SP-D3-IPC: PLC Blocking Filter single-phase, 40Arms, IP51

Premo’s BF series filters have been specially developed for Smart meters which comply with PLC protocol such as CENELEC Band A, PRIME and G3. These filters are installed between the Smart meter and the end-user to reduce the noise (EMI) from the end-user equipment via household or building wiring.

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)
Length (mm) 103
Height (mm) 108
Width (mm) 107
Weight (g) 1000
Operating Voltage (Max) 250Vac
Operating Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Current at ambient 40A @ 40°C
Operating Temperature Range -25 to +100C
Storage Temperature Range -25 to +100C
Filter Characterictics (CENELEC Band) 40-90kHz
IP Class IP51
Smart meter reconnection mechanism supported NO

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