Power Line Communication (PLC) Components

Power Line Communication (PLC) Components for Smart Grid.

Today’s complex energy distribution systems require more reliable and efficient operations and management of the various grid elements. In order to accomplish this, the smart grid needs smart elements for network management. The inductive couplers and blocking filters for Power Line Communication (PLC) from Premo, can be key in achieving the desired isolation and communication performance results.

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PLC Components

Inductive Couplers.

Inductive couplers in PLC systems are designed to transmit communication signals between powerline and PLC data transceiver without introducing any new wires or cables. 

We review Premo solutions for Inductive couplers here:

Power Line Communication (PLC) Components Catalog: Inductive Couplers.

The PREMO MICU family of inductive couplers are the most reliable, innovative non-intrusive PLC Components that help avoid blackout and grid disconnection during the installation process. Their high permeability and high-performance materials avoid saturation problems at high current and allow greater distances between PLC communication equipment located at different MV (Medium Voltage) transformer stations.

Premo has four standard models available for narrowband standard transmission (3kHz and 500kHz) and broadband (for transmitting and receiving signal from 2 to 40MHz). Find technical details and specifications for this series of PLC inductive coupling components here.

Blocking Filters.

Premo’s BF series filters have been specially developed for Smart meters which comply with PLC protocol such as CENELEC Band A, PRIME and G3. These filters are installed between the Smart meter and the end-user to reduce the noise (EMI) from the end-user equipment via household or building wiring.

Power Line Communication (PLC) Components Catalog: Blocking Filters.

In order to allow for continuous communications between the Smart meters and the energy providers Concentrator equipment, PREMO designed the BF series to comply with EMC regulation of EN 50065-1, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, UL1283, EN60939-2, IEC 60950-1 & RoHS 2011/65/EU.  The BF series is designed for smart meters with a Re-connection mechanism which has auto connect/disconnect based on load impedance and was developed with high attenuation without an earth or Ground system. 

Features include:

  • - Easy installation
  • - Designed with Double screw Terminations
  • - Compact size in Plastic Housing with Panel or DIN-Rail mounting

Find more technical details and specifications of this range of components for PLC systems here.

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