NFC Antennas

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What is an NFC Antenna?

The Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol (NFC), is a secure and wireless way to exchange communicate between various devices that are in close proximity to one another. The NFC antenna are the sending and receiving elements of a wireless data interchange system which uses an electromagnetic field as its media.

Antennas used in NFC enabled devices

Today’s NFC market is growing rapidly worldwide, and currently the most popular NFC Applications are Cashless Transactions. However, there are several other uses that are also being rapidly adopted such as, physical access, driver identification, keyless entry systems, peer-to-peer file sharing, and credential storage and exchange. The uses are endless. 


In line with the global growth trends of the NFC market, Premo Group has developed different ferrite-based antenna concepts that have been specially designed for those NFC applications where component size and performance is critical.

Typically, NFC antennas are found in a normal loop track,(loop embedded in a PCB). But sometimes there is not enough space or volume to provide the loop in a PCB and include other sensors in the devices. For these space constrained configurations, it is possible to use Premo ferrite coils for NFC instead of air loop antennas.

In this case, Premo can provide almost the same shape as the antennas used for low frequency (125 or 134 kHz), but with a different ferrite material.
The ferrite material is optimized to work in the 13.56 MHz range, different from the other material used in low-frequency applications, but with the same shape and size.

Premo NFC Antennas Catalog.

Searching for the best NFC coil antenna solution on the market? Explore a wide range of the highly-quality coils from the Premo Group to find one that suits your needs!

  • - TC0502HF series. X/Y axis NFC Near Field Communication SMD antenna. Find technical details here.
  • - SDTR1103-HF2 series. X/Y axis SMD Transponder Coil for NFC applications 13.56MHz / 1-20uH / 5.4x2.8x2.85mm.   Find technical details here.
  • - ZC1003HF series. Z-axis RFID SMD Coil for NFC 13.56MHz / 2.2-4.5uH / 5.4x2.8x2.85mm. Find technical details here.
  • - 3DC15-HF series. Surface Mount 3D Coil for NFC Near Field Communication 13.56MHz / 3-18uH / 5.4x2.8x2.85mm. Find technical details here.
  • - 2D1D15 series. SMD 3D Coil for NFC Near Field Communication 125kHz-13.56MHz / 0.477uH / 17.5x16x4mm. Find technical details here.
  • - 4DC15NF series. SMD 3D Coil for NFC Near Field Communication 125kHz-13.56MHz / 0.477uH / 4.1x17.2x16.0mm. Find technical details here

Premo's innovative NFC PCB antennas

Premo’s innovative NFC PCB mounted antennas require less board space compared to PCB printed loop antennas, and offer up to 30% greater reading distances. They are also fully customizable to your specific product requirements.

For further information about these NFC SMD antennas, please contact our Customer Services Team here or Chat with our team from any of our website pages.

NFC Antennas

Premo’s NFC ANTENNAS Advantages

PREMO’s knowledge and experience in the development and manufacture of NFC antennas allows us to meet the requirements for the smallest form factors and lowest profiles in today’s NFC applications. Our advantages include:

Ideally sized for slim smartphone designs.

Use of High-performance materials.

Enhanced performance over metal ground planes or batteries.

Improved communication distance (~30%).