TC0502HF - X/Y axis NFC Near Field Communication SMD antenna 13.56MHz / 2-4.7uH / 5.4x2.8x2.9

L (µH)Q MinHeight (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Freq. (kHz)DCR (Ω) MaxToleranceSRF (MHz) Min
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 X/Y axis NFC Near Field Communication SMD antenna                                    

This component is an SMD ferrite antenna suitable for signal reception/transmission at 13.56MHz.TC0502HF is a highly sensitive and compact solution specially designed for those NFC applications where size of components is critical. TC0502HF series is offered with 2.0 and 4.7 μH (@13,56MHz) inductance values and can be custom according to customer’s specification.




  • This component is functional to 13.56MHz (NFC applications)
  • Can be used in RFID applications with ISO15693 (vicinity: I-Code),
  • ISO 14443A&B (proximity: MIFARE) interface, ISO 18092 and Felica.
  • Very small size: 5.4x2.8x2.9mm
  • Good mechanical performance
  • Very stable electrical properties in full operational operative range (-40°C +125°C)
  • Wire: H, 125°C solderable.
  • Terminals: Ag-Ni-Sn100
  • Max. Operating Temperature: +125°C
  • Suitable for Pick&Place SMD assembly


L (uH)ToleranceQ Min

Cres (pF)

Frequency (kHz)DCR (Ω) MaxSRF (MHz) MinLength max (mm)Width max (mm)Height max (mm)
TC0502HF-0002K 2 ±10% 16 68 13560 0.978 25 5.5 2.9 3
TC0502HF-00047K 4.7 ±10% 18 29 13560 1.430 25 5.5 2.9 3