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How do RFID antennas work?

What are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) antennas and how do they work? We can define the RFID antenna as the sending and receiving element of a wireless data interchange system which uses an electromagnetic field as its media.  An RFID system always has two elements:

  • - The RFID transponder antenna, which is located on the object to be identified.
  • - The interrogator or reader, which, depending upon design and the technology used, may be a read or read/write device.

RFID Antennas work by the reader sending out electromagnetic waves through the reader antenna. The tag antenna is tuned to receive these waves and passes the transmitted data to the tag system chip, which then enables an action to take place, typically resulting in the return of a pre-determined electronic code or initiate some action in/on the system the tag is part of. RFID antennas are tuned to resonate only in a narrow range of carrier frequencies that are centered on the designated RFID system frequency.

Most common applications for RFID Antennas.

What are the main applications of RFID Antennas? At present, some of the main uses of 125 kHz RFID antennas systems are:

Automotive TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).

Typical priority requirements are high sensitivity and stability in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Automotive RKES (Remote Keyless Entry System).

In these applications, the antenna requires very high sensitivity and stability, as well as good mechanical performance in drop and impact testing and its derivative effects.

Automobile immobilizers.

Similar to the key requirements and features as RKES transponders.

Logistics and remote access

These applications are typically used where transponders data can also be changed at will, and security mechanisms (authentication) can be used to prevent unauthorized writing or reading of stored data.

Animal identification.

Sensitivity and small form factor are the most valuable characteristics in these applications.

New revolutionary uses

The uses for RFID antennas are endless, and unique new uses are emerging in applications such as IoT, robotics, wireless sensors, wearables, and smart homes/cities.

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