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Freq. (kHz) 125
Tolerance ±5%
Cres (pF) 680
Height (mm) 1.75
Length (mm) 6.6
Width (mm) 2.3
DCR (Ω) Max 49
L (mH) 2.38
Q Min 20.7
SRF (kHz) Min 900
Sensitivity (mVpp/App/m) Min 16

TP0602 Pad layout 

All dimensions in mm.

Recommended reflow profile.


Reflow soldering, vapour-phase soldering. A maximum soldering temperature of 260ºC during 10 s should not be exceed for (see recommended soldering profile with maximum and minimum temperature-time).



The reflow condition recommended is according to the machine used by our company. Big differences will arise as a result of the type of machine, reflow conditions, method, etc used.

  1. Rated Inductance LR: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  2. Q Factor Qmin: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  3. Self-resonance frequency fmin Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  4. DC resistance RmaxMeasured at 20ºC ambient temperature, measuring current <IR.
  5. Sensitivity: Measured with Helmholtz coils 5 turns, 160mm ∅, + waveform generator Agilent 33120A + oscilloscope Agilent 54622A. Contact PREMO RFID for complete measurement specification.


Reel dimensions Tape dimensions PARTS/REEL
A B C D E W  P P0   P1  D  
330 50 13 30.4 24.4 24 4 4 2 2.5 0.3 5000


All dimensions in mm.


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