ZVS PSFB 2,5kW 100kHz 30:1+1 - DCDC214-002

ZVS PSFB 2,5kW 100kHz 30:1+1 - DCDC214-002

Suitable for automotive HV/LV DCDC onboard converters

Lvalue: Lmag>915uH
Power: 2.5kW ZVS 100KW
Turn-ratio: 30:1+1 full-bridge

Designs can be fully customized.

Recommended output inductor 1µH / 180Adc
Weight : approx 350grams
Operating temperature -40/+125°C with cooling.
Design based on AEC-Q200

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)

DCR (Ω) Max R1-5 95mΩ MAX / R6-8 0,25mΩ MAX
L Leak (µH) Max 10
Input Voltage (V) 375-820
Output Voltage (V) 14
Weight (g) 350
Power (kW) 2.5
Turn Ratio (Ns/Np) 30:1+1
Typical switching freq. (kHz) 100

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DCDC214-002 dimensions

DCDC214-002 electrical diagram

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