CS-35A KIT - Evaluation board current sense transformer

L (mH) MinDCR (Ω) MaxFreq. (kHz)Cres (pF)Q x,y,z MinHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)SRF (kHz) MinSensitivity (mV/uT) min
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Evaluation board current sense transformer KIT CS-35A

The current sense transformer kit developed with MSPM, is a transformer that is designed to produce an alternating current in the secondary winding which is proportional to the current being sensed on the primary winding.

Like a transformer, a current transformer isolates the source currents in high-voltage circuits to the lower-voltage side. It provides a convenient way of safely monitoring the current flowing in a high voltage side.

The principal operation of a basic current transformer is slightly different from a general voltage transformer. The current transformer has mostly only one turn on the primary winding. With the turns on the secondary side, the current ratio is defined. Across the secondary winding a burden resistor is connected.

The resulting voltage on the burden resistor is direct proportional to the current sensed on the primary side. The voltage on the secondary side of the transformer should be set as low as practically possible to minimize the insertion loss.


  • Peak current sensing
  • Current sense for bridge control
  • Automotive DC/DC converters and battery charger systems
  • Industrial high power SMPS


  • For high performance SMPS
  • Max height: 8.5mm
  • Pick & Place compatible
  • Footprint: SMD 31 x 25.5mm
  • Current rating: up to 35Arms
  • 1:100 turn ratio
  • operating frequency up to 500kHz
  • 3kV isolation design
  • Creepage distance more than 5mm
  • High operating temperature +155°C
  • UL94V-0 and RoHS material 

Electrical Specification CS 35A

Primary current [Arms]Secondary turnsSecondary inductance [mH]Secondary DCR [Ω]Primary DCR [mΩ]Primary to secondary isolation [kVAC]
CS 35A KIT 35 100 5 1.6 1 3