4DC15NF 4DC15NF 4D-COIL 125kHz-PKE, 13,56MHz-NFC 

4DC15NF 4D-COIL 125kHz-PKE, 13,56MHz-NFC


The new 4Dcoil Series, provides three orthogonal coils for working at low frequency (standard 125 kHz) and an additional coil for working at high frequency (standard 13,56 MHz).With very stable properties in a wide range of temperature (-40ºC to +85ºC). Its efcient design of low frequency coils has very high sensitivity and excellent isotropy. The inductance value is 4.77mH @125kHz (other values under request). Inductance value of high frequency (NFC) antenna is 0.85uH @13.56MHz.



  • This component is functional at 125kHz and 13.56MHz (NFC applications)
  • Can be used in RFID applications with ISO15693 (vicinity: I-Code), ISO 14443A&B (proximity: MIFARE) interface, ISO 18092 and Felica.
  • Good mechanical performance
  • Suitable for Pick&Place SMD assembly- Taped & Reeled.
  • Designed for 13,56MHz.


L x, y, z (µH)Lz2 (µH)Q Min

Q min z2

SRFx,y (MHz) MinSRFz (MHz) MinSRFz2 (MHz) MinDCRx,y (mΩ) MaxDCRz (mΩ) MaxDCRz2 (mΩ) Max
4DC15NF-0477J    4.77±5% 0.850±10% 24 4.5 250 350 25 99 132 4.95

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