HEV 12V Choke 400nH (261Adc) - HPMC-001

HEV 12V Choke 400nH (261Adc) - HPMC-001

Suitable for High current Output chokes

HPMC-001 is customizable

Filtering Chokee
Pin Through Hole connection
Working frequency 100 kHz
Total Output current up to 261 Adc
500V insulation between core & winding
Weight 145g
Operating temperature – 40 to 150 ⁰C
Storage temperature – 40 to 85 ⁰C

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)

Input Voltage (V) 50
Output Current (A) 261
Typical Switching Frequency 100
Total Output Power (kW) 3.5

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