Forward Gate-Drive Isolated Transformer - GDAU-005

Forward Gate-Drive Isolated Transformer - GDAU-005

Lvalue : 70-150µH
Max Volt-Time product: 20Vµs
Turn-ratio: 5:1

Suitable for Automotive xEV inverters (IGBT control)
Input voltage 5Vdc TYP
Switching frequency 120-160kHz (140KHz TYP)
MAX current 700mA PRIM / 140mA SEC
Creepage distance > 10mm (CTI-I > 600V)
Wide operating temperature range -40 to +125°C
UL94 and RoHS materials
Design based on AEC-Q200D
Weight: approx. 3grams

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)

L1-2 (100kHz/0.1Vac) 70-150µH (110µH TYP)
N6-4 : N1-2 (1-10kHz/1Vac) 5:1
DCR1-2 / DCR2-3 / DCR4-6 0.15Ω / 0.4Ω / 1.8Ω MAX
LLK (100kHz/1Vac) 1.5µH MAX (1µH TYP)
CPS (100kHz/1Vac) 15pF MAX (10pF TYP)
Between PRIM/SEC Wdgs 2.5kVac (50Hz/3mA/1min)

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