Social Distance Warning Wearable Device - EPI-DWS

Social Distance Warning Wearable Device - EPI-DWS

Smart wearable social distance warning device.

Suitable for: workplace, public spaces and events.
Plug&play and stand-alone device.
Respect people privacy.
High precision (±5cm).
Low power consumption, high battery life (>12h).
Battery rechargeable through USB-C cable.
Different distance thresholds and warning levels.
Distance detection based on low frequency communication.

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insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)
Freq. (kHz) 125
Length (mm) 101.08
Height (mm) 42.37
Width (mm) 18.64
Weight (g) 40
Sampling time (s) 1
Distance threshold 1 (m) 1min-1.5max
Distance threshold 2 1
Accuracy (cm) 5
Number of devices to detect at the same time (units) 20
Battery Life (fully charged) (h) 12

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