KGEA-HBT Short Range LF Tx Keyless Antenna (0.205mH)

Short Range LF Tx Keyless Antenna - 205uH - KGEA-HBT-C-0205J
Short Range LF Tx Keyless Antenna....
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Freq. (kHz)L (µH)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)SRF (MHz) MinQ MinCres (nF)
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Short Range LF Tx Keyless Antenna.

Short Range Antenna LF for smart entry system. External housing + LPM (filled).

PREMO offers a short antenna with a high mechanical robustness and the best performance electrical on metal surface due to its bridge type design external housing.


• Short antenna (length until 150 mm).
• External housing shape H-bridge Material PBT-GF30% or PA66-GF30%.
• Strong anchor points which provide an easy assembly and will ensure mechanical robustness.
• Higher impact absorption and mechanical reduction preventive.
• LF antenna module inside external housing is to cover by Low Pressure Technology (LPM)
• LPM is a well know technology in PREMO.
• Very fast to produce (No Curing needed)
• IP56 grade Waterproof
• Connector Non Waterproof IP52 located outside assembly housing plastic base.
• High stability in temperature (-40ºC up to +85ºC).
• Resonant frequency adjusting below +/- 2kHz.
• Custom L-C value (F-Resonant)
• This antenna is designed based on AECQ-200


Nomenclature description and Schematic Diagram

L+C in series:

KGEA-HBT nomenclature

Electrical parameters

Operating Frequency @134,5Khz @25ºC @1Vac. (L+C in series) 

L (mH)Cres (nF)Q(L+C)Rac (Ω)ArmsFreq. (kHz)Length (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)
KGEA-HBT-C-0205J 0.205 6.8


<1.5 1A 134.5 141 20 20

Antenna is measured in resonant mode


KGEA-HBT dimensions


KGEA-HBT parts


H-Field Magnetic Strength KGEA-HBT series



Measuring conditions example



  • Antenna PREMO mounted on Reader and signal amplifier ( I=2App, V=5Vpp).
  • Probe FMZB 1538143 (as receiver) used to measure the magnetic field (dBµV/m).
  •  105 dBµV/m ± 2dB@3 meters (I=2App; V=5Vpp) in maximum direction.